Without proper cabling your digital entertainment and security network will not run at its full potential. Even with the best equipment in place, improper audio, video and ata cabling can cause problems like increased latency (slow connection), pixel dropping video, and poor sound quality. Improve sound quality, reduce HD pixel drop, and increase reliability with a properly planned and implemented structured cabling solution from Command Automation.

New Construction and Pre-existing Structure

New Construction
Let Command Automation take care of the low voltage wiring details. We understand building a new home or office can push any owner or project manager to the limit. We can offer ideas to help future proof your investment and make the installation go smoothly.

Pre-existing Structure
Yes! We can install cabling in your house after drywall is up. It's not the ideal way to wire a house but we understand the proper techniques to install wiring without destroying your structure. Using a fiberglass rod, we will run structured wiring behind existing drywall for maximum concealment.